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Renowned for providing quality Game Of Thrones Tours, GOT Direwolves strives to maintain a tradition of excellence. The epic series of HBO that was filmed in different locations of Ireland is quite desirable to the fans. At GOT Direwolves we try to give the ardent fans an enthralling experience of visiting the spots. GOT has made a cultural history, and following that we try to make the fans a part of the same.

We let you witness the Direwolf tour and Dragon Tour and other breathtaking shooting spots spread across Ireland. Explore the scenic beauty of the North Coast guided by our experienced tour guides. They will give you a sneak peek to many thrilling inside stories. You will get a fully immersive experience of your favourite show around the castles, caves and coasts.

Explore the hard-to-find locations with GOT Direwolves:

Many filming locations of Game of Thrones are either not available to all the tourists or very hard to find. In this tour, we try to provide you insider knowledge about the cast, crew and filming experiences. We provide Game Of Thrones Direwolf Merchandise that you have searched online. Learn about the local myths and legends as a bonus experience. We have responsible tour guides who increase your interest about the locations, even if you are not a fan. To put it in a simple word, our tours are even suitable for people who haven’t watched the show.

Discover the unadulterated scenic beauty of the North Coast and its mysterious Islands along with the beautiful beaches, caves, dense forests and breathtaking mountains. Join us to get a once-in-lifetime experience of an epic tour that is very likely to make your participation as a fan more enchanting.

Get in touch with us today to learn about our tour packages and schedules. Take this opportunity to enrich yourself with an exhilarating tour with GOT Direwolves.

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