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GOT Direwolves is a well-established company for Game of Thrones tours. For Quality Game of Thrones Tours in Ireland we have renowned tour guides. We take pride in ourselves to be one among the best.

Why you should choose us for your game of thrones tour in Ireland

Following the love and passion that the fandom has shown for the famous HBO series Game Of Thrones, we, GOT Direwolves are trying to give an exclusive sneak peek of the shooting locations to you. The venues that have been used to shoot the entire series are rarely accessible to people; and, we are trying to give the fans a taste of that legacy. We are a team of experienced tour guides providing insider knowledge on the GOT filming locations.

Most of the shooting sites of GOT are very hard to find. As experienced tour guides, we are familiar with all the forests, sea, cliffs, caves and beautiful rocky beaches that enchant you the most in the series. We are considered by tourists as their go-to tour guides in Ireland. We specialize in private tours to the stunning shooting locations of North Coast, the real Westeros and other filming locations where the cast members worked to create magic on screen.

The sites are made of an amazing view, ethereal beauty and tranquillity. We give you the exclusive access to experience the legacy of GOT in the serene and isolated spots where most people can’t reach. You can also get a taste of the local myths and legends of the region.

Get ready for an enchanting tour to the remote locations like the mysterious Dark Hedges, Tollymore Forest, Dunluce Castles and much more. Get in touch with us today to experience thrilling participation  of a cultural history.

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